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All-inclusive, bespoke anti-aging, laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction and a full range of medical aesthetic treatments for modern, sophisticated men and women

What if you could instantly eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, scarring and other skin imperfections? With Novuskin, you can. Skin conditions such as acne scarring, wrinkles, sagging, age spots and more can all deeply affect our confidence levels and how we interact with the world. With our advanced technology for non-surgical facelifts, cosmetic injections and more, you can see major improvements in as little as one session. Novuskin uses advanced, non-surgical and fully personalized skin restoration treatments to instantly give you the results you need to look and feel your best. Designed to provide men and women with a complete range of medical aesthetic treatments for face, body and hair, our Las Vegas clinic is your all-in-one destination for optimal, noninvasive cosmetic procedures.

Our Services

Laser Hair Removal

Smooth, hairless skin is just a few short sessions away with Novuskin’s state-of-the-art laser hair removal. Unlike other hair removal methods, laser treatments have a long-lasting effect that will reduce hair growth and eliminate the need for shaving. This method can also be used virtually anywhere on the face or body including legs, chin, underarms, back and more.

Our medical aesthetic specialists and in-house doctor take great care to ensure your skin and hair will respond well to the treatment before proceeding. This can often include a patch test where a small area of skin will be laser treated to ensure you do not feel excessive pain, redness or scarring which are most associated with laser hair removal that is done without proper precautions.

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Body Treatments

While diet and exercise go a long way to making us look and feel healthy, there are many body and skin issues that do not respond to these methods. Fortunately, with our range of non-surgical medical aesthetic body treatments, you do not have to go under the knife to treat these concerns.

Our Line of Body Treatments Includes

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Choosing the Right Skin Treatments and Body Treatments for You

Novuskin’s bespoke skin rejuvenation treatments allow us to address both small imperfections and total body and face concerns. We combine an eye for details with an artistic touch to produce results that are both beautiful and natural.

With our state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive skin analysis we are able to fully personalize each treatment you receive. By choosing the best treatments for your individual skin, we are able to give you greater results with less risk of side effects and aftercare needs.

Your Ultimate Beauty Treatment Begins with a Personalized Skin Analysis

Your skin is unique. Your heritage, experiences, where you live, and many other factors all affect the texture, quality and sensitivity of your skin. At Novuskin, we understand how important these variations are when creating skin treatments based around your goals.

The Novuskin team, which includes our in-house doctor and medically trained staff, are dedicated to providing a fully personalized skin analysis and treatment plan to attain the greatest results for you. Our in-depth skin analysis is performed by our own medical doctor to ensure you receive meaningful results that will help us create a bespoke skin rejuvenation treatment plan.

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Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic injections, fillers and Botox offer instat, noticeable results for a wide range of skin concerns. From plumping lips and cheeks to relaxing lines in the forehead and around the mouth, we use an artistic hand when applying your cosmetic injections to give you better, more natural results.

Our medical doctor and certified technicians have extensive experience in perfecting injection placement to ensure a healthy look and feel. Unlike other cosmetic injection providers, we are specialists in medical aesthetic treatments and understand the importance of precise injections to enhance natural contours and restore vitality without causing the “frozen” or “plastic” look of some injections are known for.

When performed by our medical experts at our Las Vegas spa, cosmetic injections are a quick and painless way to get beautiful, noticeable results. Many of our injection options can be performed during a lunch break period and produce minimal side effects.

Our Cosmetic Injection Types and Treatment Areas Include

– Nefertiti Neck Lift
– Gummy Smile
– Lips Enhancement
– Nose Correction
– Tear Through
– Temples

– Hands
– Jawline
– IV Cocktails
– PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets)
– Microneedling
– Thread Lift

Skin Treatments

Get the smooth, healthy scar and blemish free skin you deserve with our suite of medical aesthetic skin treatments. We cater to a wide range of skin concerns with innovative procedures like our Venus Freeze treatment which lifts and tones the skin of the neck and face. Choose from our non-surgical facial treatments for a firmer and more youthful look instantly.

Along with cosmetic benefits, many of our skin treatments can be used to address painful skin conditions including eczema and cystic acne. We use multiple treatments and tools to customize your skin treatment and restore your skin’s natural health even when other treatments have failed. Each treatment we offer has been extensively tested and is performed by our in-house doctor and medical staff. This is just part of what makes us the best spa in Las Vegas.

Our Skin Treatments Include

Laser Hair Removal for
Man and Woman

Laser Hair Removal
for Woman

Laser Hair Removal
for Man

Our Technology

Novuskin Med Spa Las Vegas uses medical aesthetic grade products and professional equipment to produce optimal results with minimal pain and side effects. Our advanced skin restoration and laser hair removal techniques produce amazing outcomes on nearly all skin and hair types with zero scarring or discomfort. This makes it possible for medical aesthetic skin and hair techniques to be used on even the most sensitive areas without pain.

Learn more about our professional equipment and medical aesthetic products here.

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Las Vegas Our Spas

When searching for the best spa in Las Vegas, you will find pages upon pages of search results. At Novuskin Med Spa Las Vegas, we know that titles like “best spas in Las Vegas” will never mean as much as seeing the results for yourself. This is why we offer free, no obligation consultations.

When you book your consultation, your Novuskin technician will give you a thorough evaluation of any hair or skin issues you have. Whether you want a simple, brightening hydradermabrasion facial or a full non-surgical facelift, our team will assess your skin, medical conditions and any concerns you have to ensure you get the best treatments for you and your skin. To book an appointment at our Las Vegas Spa, call us at (702) 780-6677 or visit our contact page.

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