A dream come true. Look slimmer. More contoured. With R-Sleek.

All ages

Every 4 weeks as part of a recommended treatment plan

Results are permanent

Over 4 500 treatments have been done

No downtime

This is a painless treatment

45 minutes

Suitable for all skin tones and types for diet-resistant fat and cellulite

Novuskin, Las Vegas’ premiere membership MedSpa offers R-Sleek, our most popular body treatment. R-Sleek is an innovative body contouring massage device that uses several rows of rollers to affect the underlying tissues. R-Sleek’s revolutionary technology melts diet and exercise-resistant fat and cellulite to reveal a slimmer, more contoured look. You can finally say goodbye to annoying fat on your belly, hips, back, arms, butt, and legs — and with proper lifestyle habits, your results will be permanent!

This is the treatment you’ve been waiting for.
Say goodbye to frustrating fat and cellulite. Finally! Have your dream body with R-Sleek.

R-Sleek Machine

The R-Sleek Pro Dream Body Sculpting machine uses revolutionary thermal technology to reduce fat and cellulite and even out the surface of the skin. 

While R-Sleek helps reduce excess tissue, it also tones the skin by encouraging the natural production of collagen, leaving you looking not just slimmer, but firmer as well. 

R-Sleek’s handheld massage wand contains rows of rollers that are used to apply thermal compression to underlying tissues. These massage rollers heat the fat cells to a fatal temperature, forcing cell death while drastically improving lymphatic draining. The dead cells are washed away through the lymph system over the coming weeks.

R-Sleek is a painless way to reduce fat and cellulite without diet and exercise while improving the overall look and texture of the skin.

The thermal technology and lymphatic drainage improve the skin’s metabolic function for enhanced tissue health. This leads to a decrease in tissue edema, improves the color of the skin, smooths scars and abrasions, and increases tissue elasticity and tone.

Technologies Used

Thermal Compressions
Uses a thermal spinning roller to distribute heat into deep layers of adipose tissue, causing fat cell death
Lymphatic Drainage
Improves the body’s natural drainage and metabolism to wash away dead cells and reduce edema

R-Sleek Treatment

R-Sleek is a fast and painless way to remove unwanted fat and cellulite from the body without endless trips to the gym or excessive dieting. Your body has a limited number of fat cells, found in varying numbers in different areas of your body. Diet-resistant fat is typically due to an imbalanced number of fat cells in one area, such as the belly, back, or butt. Dream Body Sculpting with R-Sleek allows you to melt away unnecessary fat cells, permanently destroying them, and removing them safely and gradually from the body.

Here’s what you can expect from this treatment:

Body Contouring
Firm, tone, sculpt, and shape the belly, hips, back, arms, butt, or thighs

Decrease the look of orange peel-like cellulite on thighs and butt

Fat Reduction
Reduce fat cells from belly, hips, back, arms, butt or thighs

Treatment Benefits

  • Reduces fat
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Treats all stages of cellulite
  • Tightens and tones loose, saggy skin
  • Slims and contours the body
  • Helps return the body to pre-pregnancy appearance

Have healthier skin with a
R-Sleek treatment at Novuskin.


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  • Just had my first facial today with Aesthetician Nicole T. and I love the way my skin feels and looks. I had a complete skin analysis done as well as a treatment plan set up to Improve my skin. She did an awesome job at explaining everything to me step by step.
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  • The staff at Novuskin is very educated and current with today’s skin card needs and services. I met with Jenny and Cassie who were both very professional and knowledgeable. The exclusive skin care line is amazing, all products smell wonderful made with the highest quality ingredients. Highly recommend Novuskin.
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  • I’ve been a VIP member since January of this year. In my mind I had expected more. One of the things most shocking is they push 5 star reviews. They give you a card and ask for a 5 star review at each treatment which leads me to believe these reviews are erroneous. Ans get ready for a beauty mill— meaning it’s just a constant flow of people in and out. It’s ver...
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R-Sleek is a members-only VIP treatment.

Novuskin is a membership-based MedSpa. We believe in a membership model because we believe consistency (regular skin assessments, treatments, and at-home care) is the only way to have truly healthy skin.

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Celebrities Who Use Body Sculpting

Novuskin knows that these celebrities use body sculpting to look and feel their best.

Kim Kardashian

Drew Barrymore

Debra Messing

Lindsay Lohan

Mariah Carey

Beauty is a Feeling

With R-Sleek, feel slim and sculpted. Get your dream body, like a star!

About Novuskin Staff

At Novuskin, we’re your R-Sleek specialists. We’re ready and waiting to help you get the relief you want and deserve. We can’t wait to see you glow!

Our team consists of licensed medical staff, Aestheticians, Laser Techs, and Beauty Consultants. 

Our Aestheticians are highly trained professionals who’ve studied extensively to deliver world-class technological treatments with excellence. Aestheticians are trained to know the physiology of the skin at a cellular level, and to understand the relationship between the science of our bodies and the technological treatments we offer.

We’ve performed more than 58,000 treatments for our members.

You’re in excellent hands at Novuskin.


What is an R-Sleek treatment?

R-Sleek Dream Body Sculpting is a fat and cellulite reducing treatment that can be applied on diet and exercise-resistant fat. R-Sleek uses a handheld wand to roll the skin tissue and distribute heat deep into the adipose layer of the skin.

The R-Sleek is a completely painless and non-invasive treatment that has no downtime. You can expect to feel mild muscle fatigue, like after a gym workout, following your treatment.

What does an R-Sleek treatment look like?

Your technician will apply oil over the designated treatment area to allow the R-Sleek machine a consistent and comfortable glide over the skin. The machine’s rollers are turned on and your technician will move the device up and down on the treatment area/s. The machine will gently and comfortably heat. The treatment will be applied only on the tissue which requires reduction.

Your treatment will take approximately 45 minutes.

Is R-Sleek safe? What are the side effects and contraindications?

R-Sleek is a very safe and effective method of reducing body fat and cellulite. Dream Body Sculpting with R-Sleek is pain-free and very comfortable. There are no negative side effects from the treatment, although your muscles may feel a little tired following the procedure, similar to the feeling after a good workout at the gym. The sensation lasts only a few hours.

Most people are excellent candidates for R-Sleek, however, if you experience any of these medical issues, you may need to wait until they are resolved for treatment:

  • Have dermatitis, eczema, or other skin rash or disease on the treatment area
  • Have heart disease or any pacemaker or other electronic implant
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have cancer
  • May have diseases of organs located below the treatment area

Your aesthetician can help you determine if this is a safe treatment for you.

Who’s a good candidate for R-Sleek treatment?

If you are generally healthy and have stubborn fat that has not reduced despite diet and exercise, you are a good candidate for treatment. 

R-Sleek is meant to reduce areas of stubborn fat, so generally, candidates need to be within 10-20 pounds or less of their ideal weight. This treatment is not meant to be a weight loss treatment, but rather, to help melt small pouches of fat that are resistant to other modes of fat reduction.

How do you prepare?

Before your treatment, avoid sun exposure. You won’t be able to have your treatment if the skin on your treatment area is sunburnt. You also don’t need to apply lotions the day of your treatment. The cleaner your skin is, the better the treatment will work. Drink plenty of water the day of your treatment as well.


Following your treatment, you can return to your regular activities immediately. For best results, eat well and continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle throughout your treatments and after. This will allow you to keep your new trim, sculpted look much longer. 

How soon can you see results from R-Sleek Dream Body Sculpting?

You’ll begin to notice results within 2-3 weeks of your first treatment, with full results seen after 4-6 weeks. However, R-Sleek results are cumulative, meaning you’ll see more results with subsequent treatments than from your first treatment alone. 

Most people require 4-8 treatments to see their desired outcome with optimal results showing about 1 month after their final treatment.

How long will the results last?

Results from R-Sleek Dream Body Sculpting are permanent. The fat cells that are destroyed during the treatment cannot return. However, not all fat cells are removed, since you do need to have some adipose tissue covering your entire body. The remaining fat cells can expand if you gain weight due to lifestyle or metabolic changes. 

To help preserve your look, drink plenty of water, eat well, and continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

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