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    There are numerous different types of marks that can appear on our skin and removing them is now becoming a more common and easier procedure. Laser treatments can help to reduce or even completely remove unwanted spots, evening out the skin’s appearance and tone for a more youthful appearance.

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    Cellulite is a condition that is caused by excess fat deposits underneath the skin. Stubborn fat protrudes up between the fibrous bands of tissue that lay under the skin’s surface causing a bumpy, dimpled appearance of the skin. Cellulite is much more common in women than in men and it is estimated that between 80 to 90 percent of women will experience some degree of cellulite within their lifetime.

    There are quite a few different cellulite reduction treatments available.  The most common of these are:

    • Anti-Cellulite creams: These creams can be purchased without a prescription and are applied to the affected area and massaged in. Most of these creams contain ingredients that increase the production of collagen and therefore increase the growth of newer, healthier cells. The also help to tighten the skin and often contain caffeine which acts to dehydrate the fat cells under the skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite on the surface. This method can be effective for short periods of time however it does not permanently correct the problem.
    • Velashape: This procedure uses a handheld device that emits infrared light underneath the skin’s surface, while at the same time massaging the area. The infrared light penetrates the underlying fat cells and reduces their size while the massaging action stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes drainage and enhances the body’s natural removal of the damaged fat cells. This procedure requires multiple treatments to see lasting results.
    • Cellfina: This treatment option is one of the newest on the market for cellulite reduction. It uses a needle-like device that pierces the skin and breaks down the fibrous tissue that is causing the bulging and puckering from the fat cells to occur on the skin above. Results can usually be seen in about a week’s time and can last up to three years. There may be minimal pain with this procedure and some swelling and bruising may occur.

    Cellulaze: This treatment is very similar to Cellfina except it uses a laser beam instead of blades to break down the fibrous tissue that is causing the cellulite to occur. The laser also stimulates collagen production and causes a smoothing and firming of the skin. Results from this procedure usually last between one and two years.

    The best candidates for anti cellulite treatment are those with low to moderate body fat percentages who have areas of stubborn cellulite on their thighs, buttocks or love handles. It is always recommended to attempt leading a healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise and a well-balanced diet in order to reduce any cellulite naturally prior to seeking treatment. Cellulite removal treatment is also not recommended for anyone who is excessively overweight or obese.

    Depending on which treatment option you choose for removing cellulite, the side effects will range from minimal to moderate. Topical preparations usually cause no side effects unless a rare allergic reaction occurs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction would be redness, hives, rash or itching. Other procedures may cause minor pain, swelling, bruising, redness of the skin, heat on the affected area or mild itching to occur. All side effects should subside within a day or two after treatment.

    In the past, living with cellulite was something that women had to succumb to, but nowadays there are numerous different treatment options that can fit your individual needs while working within your budget. Whether you are looking for a temporary topical treatment or a long-term permanent solution, we are able to help. For more information on cellulite treatment Las Vegas, contact us today.

    The different types of lasers used for skin mark removal
    • Pulse Dye lasers: This type of laser is used to treat any skin mark that is red in color. Since they specifically target the hemoglobin in the blood, vascular lasers can help to fade the discoloration caused by broken blood vessels, scarring, cherry angiomas, rosacea and red patches of skin. Certain types of pulse dye lasers have a longer wavelength than others and can target problems that are deeper under the skin such as bluish or purplish colored veins. Treatment from these lasers can feel like a light snap from a rubber band and usually require between three and five sessions for full results to be seen.
    • Nd Yag Lasers: Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet lasers use a specific crystal which emits a wavelength of high energy light that is used to treat certain skin conditions. Tattoos, spider veins and pigmented lesions are best treated by this method.

    Alexandrite Laser: With this type of laser, high intensity wavelengths of light are emitted which are excellent at treating brown spots, freckles and sun damage. They may also be used to remove tattoos or veins.

    How can skin marks be removed?

    Lasers are the most common and least invasive method of removing unwanted marks and discolorations on the skin. The word laser stands for “light amplified by stimulated emissions of radiation” and different types of laser wavelengths are used to treat different types of skin marks. Once the appropriate laser has been chosen, it is applied to the spot where the treatment is needed. Short, fast bursts of light are emitted from the laser device, targeting the imperfection and essentially breaking it down. When the laser light reaches the affected skin, it is converted into heat. This heat breaks down the mark from under the surface of the skin where the body naturally removes the affected cells. As the area heals, new collagen is formed and healthy skin cells replace the mark that was once there.

    What kind of skin marks can be treated?

    Treatment is available for a wide variety of different types of blemishes and marks. Age spots, sun damage, birthmarks, scars and even unwanted tattoos can be treated to reduce their visibility and improve the look and feel of your skin.

    What areas can be treated using Laser Skin Mark Removal?

    Skin marks removal is a relatively low risk and safe treatment method and therefore can be used on most areas of the body and can be used to treat a wide variety of different types of skin marks. The most common areas are the face, hands and decollate.

    What are the side effects of laser treatment?

    The usual side effects are quite mild. Most patients will experience a slight redness to the affected skin, similar to that of a sunburn. The area may feel warm to the touch and there may be some minor bruising that occurs. Depending on the type of laser used, there may also be itching or swelling.

    How many treatments are required?

    The number of sessions required for skin marks treatment depends on the type of mark being removed. Most skin marks will need between three to six session, however depending on the size and coloring of the mark, results can often be seen after the first appointment.

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    Unsightly scars, birthmarks, sunspots and age spots can affect our appearance, the way we feel about ourselves and can often make us look older than we actually are. With recent advancements in aesthetics and the improvements in laser technology, reducing the visibility of these marks and improving our skin tone is now a viable solution for anyone. If you are interested in correcting a skin discoloration, improving the appearance of a scar or even removing an unwanted tattoo, we can help. Contact us today to find out more information on the skin mark removal treatments that we can offer you.

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